From a unique clay
a body well-being product

The white gold of Nocera Umbra
known since ancient times and famous throughout the world

From a unique land rich in history, a product for the well-being of the body has been created.
The first traces that speak of the use of the white clay from Nocera Umbra date back to the sixth century B.C. when it was given to the deceased as a funerary outfit for their tombs, almost as if to create a sort of link between religion and medicine, to accompany the deceased into the world of the afterlife.
Today, white clay is recognized worldwide both as a blood and body cleanser, able to combat gastritis, ulcers, inflammation and even poisoning, and as a cosmetics for external use, excellent in the treatment of acne, nappy rush, insect bites, eczema and boils.
White clay is also used in the treatment of arthritic and rheumatic pains, and same eminent scholars attest that it can be of considerable benefit in combating stress and in reducing nervous exhaustion.
Today, the tradition of working the earth in carried on by the company Terra di Nocera Umbra s.r.l., which has also developed a revolutionary process for working its own white clay for horse mud therapy.
Terra di Nocera Umbra s.r.l. sells the precious white clay from Nocera Umbra to some of the biggest international brands working in the cosmetics and luxury sector.


Internal Use

In the morning, take a teaspoonful mixed in a half a glass of water

Purifying the blood and the organism, it defeats any infections such as: Gastritis, Colitis, Ulcers, Intestinal inflammations, Diarrhea, or poisoning.

External Use

In the form of a Mask, Intimate uses, Body wash, Powder, Toothpaste, Mud, Cleanser. Acne, Boils, Eczema, Diaper irritation, External hemmorhoids, Insect bites, Itchiness, Sores, Bed sores, Abrasions, Burns, Sweating, Anti-cellulite therapy, Ulcers, Gum inflammation or bleeding, Weight-loss therapy, Fatty deposits, Fluid retention in limbs, Muscular tears, Contusions, Muscular pain. Easily recovers movement in the body; it stops or slows all unwanted processes and degenerations. Easily recovers movement in the body; it stops or slows all unwanted processes and degenerations. We don’t claim that “Terra di Nocera Umbra” is a cure-all, but it definitely is a natural remedy that helps and soothes in many cases, even when modern pharmacology remedies are not enough.

White Clay




Studies and research

Prof. Antonio Poletti

Chemical and biotechnological Consultant
Via C. Belba, 7, 06100 Perugia

Prof. Franco Rantuccio

University of Bari Cattedra di Clinica Dermosifilopatica II Policlinico, Piazza Giulio Cesare 70124 Bari, Italia

Prof. Franco Schettini

University of Bari 1ª CLINICA PEDIATRICA / Ist. PEDIATRIC CLINIC Policlinico, Piazza Giulio Cesare 70124 Bari, Italia

Dott. Paolo Roscini

Surgeon, specialist in Orthopedics, Traumatology, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation