Studies and Research

Dott. Paolo Roscini

Surgeon, specialist in Orthopedics, Traumatology, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Clinical experimentation of white clay in the treatment of cellulite

Brief description of cellulite
Cellulite is an accumulation of altered and badly distributed fatty tissue under an unhealthy skin. Its origins are multi-factorial: genetic, metabolic, hormonal, psychological.
As a consequences of the factors mentioned above, fatty tissue is being altered and becomes overabundant and badly distributed. If the skin is too weak, fine and badly vascularized, the psychophysical balance is disturbed and cellulite build-up commences.

A single and isolated intervention against this aesthetically challenging condition has no effect. For those who don’t want to resort to artificial and miracle cures, the standard treatment of the very widespread condition includes a therapy with multiple, well-integrated, possibly natural remedies and methods.
Among them are massage and application of clay, ideally combined with physical exercises, which help fight a sedentary lifestyle and contribute to seeking a healthy nutrition.

For this research I have used white clay, known since the 16th century as “Terra di Nocera Umbra” a natural substance taken and handled by local artisans.

Case history and methods
Between January and May 1985, I traded 20 women (aged from 19 to 56, mean age 34 years) with what clay. I mainly used baths with white clay powered (on average once every three weeks), followed by a massage with white clay mud for a period of about three weeks.
Each treatment was preceded by a medical check-up, including a detailed assessment of personal and family health histories and an accurate general medical examination (among other things with measurement of height, weight, blood pressure, peripheral and central pulses) and finally by a loco-regional exam.
The latter included measurements of the circumference of the following body part (standing and lyring down for a double comparison) with a regular centimeter measure: body circumference at umbilical level (flanks); bi-iliacal circumference (from the spina iliaca anterior superior to the posterior beginning of the sulcus interglutealis); comparative of the roots of the posterior thighs (located directly below the gluteal fold).

Il the 60% of the cases the circumference reduction of one to three centimeters could be observed after 20 days of treatment.
In a third of cases there was also a drop in weight of one-two kilograms.
In all cases the trophic conditions of the skin was improved, and 50% reduction of so-called “orange-skin”, and an increase of subcutaneous connective tissue bonus ware observed.

in spite of the limited number of patients that were followed and the brief follow-up period, there are good reason to believe that white clay powered is one of the best natural remedies against the aestethicgally challenging condition of cellulite.